Core Regulations


Title: Core Regulations
DRACC: 0002
Aliases: DRACC Core-0
Category: Constitutional
Scope: Global
Authors: Leenaars, M.A.G.J.
Date: October 2016
Copyright: The Commons Conservancy

This document is part of the DRACC series, see DRACC "Introduction to DRACC Series" for an explanation. You can reuse it under a "Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International" license.

This document describes a locked down, coherent set of core regulatory principles and regulations within [The Commons Conservancy], a so called 'Constitutional Realm' as defined in [DRACC 0000] "Introduction to the DRACC Series".

  • [DRACC 0000] "Introduction to the DRACC Series"
  • [DRACC 0001] "Mission statement of [The Commons Conservancy]"
  • [DRACC 0002] "Core Regulations" – the document you are currently reading
  • [DRACC 0003] "Mapping rights to Programmes"
  • [DRACC 0004] "Decision handling procedure"
  • [DRACC 0005] "Public Consultation"
  • [DRACC 0006] "Asset Sharing"
  • [DRACC 0007] "Graduation"
  • [DRACC 0008] "Programme Forking"
  • [DRACC 0009] "Hibernation of assets"
  • [DRACC 0010] "Rights enforcement"
  • [DRACC 0011] "Asset Transferral"

The definitions and procedures laid out in these documents can be used authoritatively by other documents by reference to this document. All references to capitalised terms within this Constitutional Realm are defined within this list of documents. In case of ambiguity or lack of clarity, the Board of [The Commons Conservancy] has the final deciding power.